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Shane McDermott Actor - Artist / Airborne - Mitchell Goosen
Shane McDermott Actor - Artist / Airborne - Mitchell Goosen

Originally from Houston, Texas, I moved to New York City at a young age to pursue an acting career. The city was a great adventure and opened my eyes to the many cultures, lifestyles & vices available to an individual. At first I worked as a Ford Model and soon found myself in the exciting world of acting, landing several lead roles in both television and movies. When I was not working I spent much of my time traveling. I lived in Seville, Spain for six months and traveled throughout Europe and into Africa on numerous trips. I also enjoyed a six month adventure driving and camping throughout America where I discovered the shocking beauty of Americas West Coast. I settled in California, where I picked up surfing and started to experiment with paint. After two years in Los Angeles, unable to find consistent work as an actor, I decided it was time for a change.

Shane McDermott Actor Airborne Cast - Seth Green - Jack Black
Shane McDermott Actor Airborne Cast - Seth Green - Jack Black


In January of 2001, I moved back to New York City and focused my attention on art. I found work as a bartender and spent all my free time painting and studying art.

Shane McDermott
Shane McDermott


Yearning to be close to water with the ability to continue surfing and looking for a cheaper place to paint. I moved to Galveston Texas in 2003. I decided that Galveston would be a good fit for both activities. In 2004, I bought a historic house (built in 1856) that sits in the center of Galveston’s East End Historic District to use as a studio. During renovations, the house collapsed. The construction company responsible for the collapse was not adequately insured and filed for bankruptcy. Always dreaming of building my own home and wary of local contractors, I bought a nail gun, pulled the permits and re-built the house myself. To pay for this I started working as a realtor, buying and selling Waterfront and Historic properties on Galveston Island.

Shane McDermott Artist - The Corner Store Art Gallery 2020 - 2021


In Dec 2009 I proposed to my longtime girlfriend, Laura Hughes; we were married May 7, 2011 at Trinity Episcopal Church on Galveston Island. In the year 2014, my first child, Davis, came into the world. It was during this same year that I acquired our second property, we affectionately dubbed the “Corner Store” Originally built-in 1868, the building boasted a rich and fascinating history, albeit in need of substantial restoration. Over the course of four years, I diligently renovated this space, envisioning it as my office and art gallery.

Shane McDermott - All My Children


Most important: I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has written me since I built this website. I also wanted to thank everyone that has bought a painting, print or a house from me this year. Every piece I sell gives me more time to spend on my artwork and living life to the top. Thank you again. I do read every email so keep them coming…

-Shane McDermott